Learn To Ride Lesson

Learn To Ride Lesson

$300.00 $250.00

MX101 has offered rider education programs since 2001. The Learn To Ride Lessons enable us to work one on one with kids or adults who want to come out to try riding a dirt bike.  The Lesson includes a dirt bike, all the gear you need, and instruction from one of our experienced Instructors for 90 minutes.  The Learn To Ride program has been the starting point for many riders in the area.  It is the best way to get started enjoying dirt biking the right way, from day one.


Scheduling will be worked out anytime after we open May 1 2021 by sending an email with your order number to get booked in!  mx101@mx101.ca 

Mondays and Thursdays are the days that these are booked.  We have both day and evening time slots available. 


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